How do you find new staff?

We often hear our clients say “there just aren’t quality people out there”.  We disagree.  The problem has been how we as an industry have traditionally approached the recruitment process.

It is about finding the right person for the right role and setting up systems and processes to improve your chances of finding and keeping the best asset possible – quality people.

At The Vet Group, our approach starts with you and your farm.  We do not even start to recruit for positions until we understand your needs, your wants and your objectives both professionally and personally.  Once we have that understanding we create position descriptions and advertisements that we strategically place in newspapers, industry publications and online.  We also use our extensive networks throughout the country to broaden the net and potential pool of employees. 

When the applications come in we take the hastle out of shortlisting, reference checks and interviewing. We will prepare you to conduct an interview: what questions to ask, what to look for, do they fit your culture and will they take on responsibility.

Once you have a preferred candidate we then take care of formal offers, contracts and ensure you and your business have a high level of compliance. We do all we can to make them a long term and valuable member of your team.

We have a number of staff with human resource qualifications so if you need assistance with recruitment or other human resource issues contact us.

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